Each one of you is endowed with certian talents. We provide you with an ideal environment for your latent talents to blossom in academaic, co-curricular and extra curricular fields.

          You, as a representative of the college, should uphold the high standards and ideals of the Institution in your behaviour in the College and
Outside the campus. You are expected to conform to the rules of the College for the collective welfare of the College.

We expect you to abide by the following rules:

  • Morning prayer starts at 8.20A.M and Shift l students are expected to be present for morning  prayer at 8.20 am and Shift ll students are expected to be present for prayer at 1.15 pm.
  • Dress modestly and avoid expensive jewellery.
  • Those who come by two wheelers must have a valid license, wear a proper helmet and park the vehicles in an orderly manner.
  • Use of cell phone in the college campus is strictly banned.
  • The college property is for your use. It is your duty to protect and maintain it. Those found disfiguring furniture, walls, destroying plants and littering the campus will be fined / penalised.
  • You are requested to conserve water and electricity by turning off taps after use and switching off fans and lights before leaving the class rooms.
  • When you move from one class to another, do not disturb the other classes and if you have free time, spend it in the library or in any other useful activity.
  • You are expected  to get the Principal’s permission for publishing any matter about  the College in newspapers, magazines or journals.
  • Any interview given to a T.V. channel regarding the College requires  prior permission.
  • Organizing any meeting or collection of money for any purpose in the campus requires prior permission from the Principal.
  • Students are advised to check the notice boards regularly. Ignorance of the information given in the notice board will not be taken as an excuse for non-compliance.
  • Under the Tamil Nadu Government Education Rules, the Principal is empowered to fine, withhold attendance certificate, suspend and expel students, if considered necessary.
  • Along with academic excellence, the College experts students to be courteous, helpful and cooperative towards their staff members and fellow students.

Ragging is totally banned under the orders of the Central and State Governments and the University of Madras. There should be no ragging of any sort inside the campus or outside. Students of the college who violate this directive will be severely dealt with. A complaint box in black colour has been placed in front of the Principal’s office.

Academic Programme

Though affiliated to the University of Madras, the College has a certain degree of autonomy in the innovative teaching methods and practices. The University confers the degree on students who have successfully completed the academic programme.

Testing and Evaluation:

Evaluation of the students is based on both Continuous Assessment and End Semester Examinations.

  1. Disciplinary action will be taken against absentees of examinations and tests.
  2. No student should absent herself from any examination or test without the prior permission of the Principal.
  3. All assignments and practical work should be submitted on time. Punctuality in attendance and work is important.
  4. The conduct of the student during the tests and examinations should be beyond reproach. Any student indulging in unfair practices or caught copying will be dealt with seriously.
  5. Assessment will be in the form of a comprehensive examination for each paper at the end of each term.
  6. University examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester. Students should register for examinations by paying the prescribed fees.
  7. In the academic year 2007-2009 the University of Madras, introduced the choice based credit system. This is applicable for the batches enrolled from 2008 onwards. There will be continuous internal assessment for 25 marks per paper per semester along with the end semester examinations for 75 marks.