Department Guest Lectures

No Year Topic Resource person
01 30th Aug 2007 Non-invasive research in traditional medicine –an inter disciplinary approach

Dr. S. P. Thyagarajan, Research Director, and Sri Rama Chandra Medical College and Research Institute, Chennai.
02 31st Aug 2007 Use of cell lines in research Dr. A. Thangavelu
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Veterinary Microbiology, Veterinary College, , Chennai.
03 1st Sep 2007 Non-invasive approach in drug discovery: Insilco drug design. Dr. Y. Kamalakar Rao, Assistant Director, New Drug Discovery, Orchid Research Laboratories Ltd., Chennai.
04 2nd Sep 2007 Scientific research & its impact  on environment Dr. Narasimhan,
Reader, Dept of Botany, Madras Christian college, Chennai.
05 8th Sep 2008 

Tricks of survival – lessons from cancer cells

Reverse genetics
         Dr. D. Karunagaran
Professor, Dept of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.

Dr. K. Mani,
Professor, Dept of Plant Biology & Biotechnology, PSG college of Arts & Science, Coimbatore.
06  10th Sep 2008 Engineering in science          

Dr. P. Rani,
Professor, Dept of  Biotechnology,.
PSG college of Technology, Coimbatore.

Dr. Ranjit Singh,
Head, Dept of Advanced Zoology & Biotechnology, , Tirunelveli.
07 28th Oct 2010 Key note address
Microbes- Elixir of life

Advanced Techniques and updates in Clinical Microbiology

                        Dr. Thangamn Menon,
Professor & Head, Dept of Microbiology, PG Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, , Taramani, Chennai

Mr. M. Sekhar,
Lead Technical Officer, Primex Scans and Labs, Chennai

08 29th Oct 2010 Role of Microbiologist in Pharmaceutical Industry. Spirulina – Production Technology Scope of Microbiologists in Food Industries.

Application of Next Generation Sequencing Technology in Microbial Genomics.
Dr. S. Renganathan,
Research Director,
Cline Rise Dermo Pvt .Ltd., Chennai.

Mr.  Manivannan, Head, Dept of Microbiology, ,
Dr. Pasupathy, Founder & Motivator, Parikshan Organization, Chennai.

Dr. K. Vijay Chandra,
IXORA Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.,
      09     28thOct 2010

Biostatistics in Science   Dr. Radhakrishnan,
Associate Professor,
Dept of Statistics,
PSG College, Coimbatore.
10 29th Oct 2010 Bioprospecting of       Actinomycetes.

Emerging and Re-emerging Infections.
Dr. R. Balagurunathan, Reader  Dept of Microbiology,  Periyar UniversitySalem.

Dr. Ranjith Mahanderkar,
Associate Professor in Microbiology, . AIMST University, Malaysia.
11 5th Sep 2008               Environment changes and emergence of viral diseases. (El-Nino)        Dr. P. Rajendran,
Professor& Head,
Department of Microbiology, PG Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, , Taramani, Chennai
12 6th Sep 2008 Ebola virus

Cultivation of viruses.( Egg inoculation & Tissue Culture)
13 15th  Sep 2009 Animal Ethics, OECD Guidelines & Animal Experiments on Regulatory Perspective.

Dr. P. Krishnamoorthy,
Scientist, Project Directorate on Animal Disease Monitoring & Surveillance, ICAR, Hebbal, .
14 16th Sep 2009 Different Methods in Animal Handling & Protocols.

Snakes – Their Importance

Setup of Animal House, Experimentation on Animals, Behavioral Studies & Virulence Testing on Animals.
Dr. S. Renganathan,
Principal Scientist,
Cavin Kare Research Centre, Chennai

Dr. P. Kannan,
Deputy Director, , Guindy, Chennai.

Dr. Lakshmi Madhavi, Executive Scientist, Cavin Kare Research Centre, Chennai.
15 3rd  Aug 2006 PCR Applications in Research Dr. Padmakrishnan,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Microbiology, PG Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, , Taramani, Chennai
16 19th  Aug 2008 Food Microbiology

Dr. Sudha Nair
Scientist, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation
17 16th Aug 2008 Microbes and Molecular techniques

Biotechnology and Environment – Promises & Perils
Dr. V. Mangayar Karasi, Asst Professor, ,SRM Medical College Hospital, SRM University..

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail Ph.D., D.Sc.,
Head, Dept of Biotechnology, New College, Chennai.
18 17th August 2009 Swine flu – To create awareness among school Students Dr. P. Rajendran, Professor& Head,
Department of Microbiology, PG Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, , Taramani, Chennai
19 February 2008 Human Physiology Circulatory system Dr. Geetha,
Kilpauk medical college,
20 September 2008 Soxhlet apparatus Dr. Kalaivani,
Head, Dept of Industrial Chemistry,
Vels university,
21 February 2010 Cell culture Nithya Siva,
Senior Research Fellow, Tamilnadu Veterinary Research Institute, Vepary.