College Fees

  • Fees for the year may be paid in two instalments. The first instalment is to be paid before the end of March and the second instalment is to be paid between¬† September 1st and 15th of that year, before the odd semester exams begin. First years may should the first installment at the time of joining and the second installment by August 25th .
  • Students who do not pay the fees within the due date will pay a fine of Rs.5 per day up to the next 10 working days after which their names will be struck off the register.
  • In the event of a student leaving the College in the middle of the academic year she will have to pay the fee for the full academic year.
  • Students in arrears of fees or any other due to the college will not be permitted to appear for the University Examinations even though examination fees might have been paid by the students. Their hall tickets will be withheld for such non-payment.
  • In case of breakage of equipment, apparatus, or other articles or property of the college charges will be collected from the students. The decision of the principal will be final in this matter.
  • A student who has been assigned a seat and has paid the¬† fees cannot claim for refund if she decides to leave the college in the middle of the year for whatever reason.
  • Students must have the fee receipts carefully and must produce them whenever required.
  • Transfer certificates will be given only to those who have paid their fees, returned library books and settled all other dues.